Holding dirty pants of his boyfriend who’s away for work, this horny guy couldn’t resist, but to start playing with himself. Watch and learn all the things you can do with smelly underwear!

What a cute young boy! You might think that, but truth is much more interesting. This twink loves stench of unwashed cocks and he loves to look for his fresh prey everywhere without any shower!

Well would you just take a look at this dirty, unwashed dick? Doesn’t it just want to make you grab it, smell it and lick all of that crap from that wonderfully smelly cock? Of course it does!

This cute boy had nothing to do, when his friend left for work and he just couldn’t stop playing with himself, when he found his unwashed underwear. Check him out!

He’s been avoiding washing that marvelous cock for a couple of days in order to please his boyfriend. And now it’s finally time to reap his reward! Watch this lucky guy get exactly what he loves!

Smelly Dick Review

Smelly Dick Review
Smelly Dick

We like it raw! Why waste precious time washing that awesome stench from your cock, when you can savor the taste and smell much more if it’s simply dirty! Horny gays for the win!

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